Who we are

22d is a consultancy specialised in Google Workspace offerings, helping customers adapt to the future of work by making digital transitions a seamless process. Our values are curiosity, openness, and adaptability. They are at the core of 22d’s philosophy: to future-proof teams for the 22nd century!

22d's origin story

In 2015, a year where the European refugee crisis dominated headlines, Dominik graduated high school with a strong desire to have an impact. After trying to get a business running for 6 months without success, they were keen to volunteer and went to help out at a refugee camp in Croatia. What was supposed to be a one time, few days long experience, turned into a long term involvement.
Upon their return, Dominik was offered to handle the IT of the organisation, IHA (InterEuropean Human Aid Association), and became a super administrator on their Google Apps for Nonprofit domain.  They ended up managing their tools for about a year and helped bring around 1200 volunteers from across the world to around 20 refugee camps in and across the EU borders.  Someone from that organisation saw potential in Dominik and helped them get their first clients. They then gained knowledge, reputation, and an understanding that this could be a valuable business opportunity. 

A family affair

Photograph of the two founders of 22d, Dominik and Dennis Kugelmann

Since Dominik’s brother, Dennis, is a talented engineer, it made sense that the two brothers would work together, so they decided to co-found 22d. And thus in December 2015 22d was born! 

Strong beliefs

22d’s values are curiosity, openness, and adaptability, and they drive everything we do! We want to help people work better, faster, together, and to future-proof teams for the future of work!
22d’s non profit induced story still shapes us: Dominik is currently a board member of HERMINE e.V. (formally known as Mobile Fluechtlingshilfe).  And 22d supports another non-profit called MissingLink
Both nonprofits are refugee relief organizations that have 3 main goals:
- Preventing flight reasons
- Enabling people who flee to have a safe journey to their destination (in Europe)
- Helping and educating asylum seekers/refugees (and locals) to better integrate
22d has a strong non profit offering where services and products are heavily discounted so don’t hesitate to contact us if you are a non-profit!

Our values


We ask questions to understand our customers' needs and how we can best apply our knowledge to their specific situation.


Being a small team allows us to adapt our services and offering to our customers' needs.


We are committed to being open minded, transparent and to communicate proactively.

Our team

We are a young team of European entrepreneurs, Cloud aficionados and Google Workspace geeks at your service!

Dominik Kugelmann, 22d's co-founder

Dominik Kugelmann (they/them)

Chief of Vision & Co-Founder

Dominik is a German entrepreneur, and the founder and Chief of Vision of 22d consulting. With over 5 years of experience with G Suite/Google Workspace consulting, Dominik is here to help you work better using a cloud setup!

Dennis Kugelmann, 22d's co-founder

Dennis Kugelmann (he/him)

Cloud Developer & Co-Founder

Dennis is a Cloud developer, and is in charge of designing and building your cloud projects for internal and external software!

Get in touch

Our dedicated team is here to respond to any questions you may have. Get in touch so we can assess your needs and see if we are a good fit!